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Membership includes 4 Digital Courses

7-Day Meditation Challenge

Find your peaceful center over the next 7 days through these hand-picked Guided Meditations.

5-Day Relationship Challenge

Ditch the drama. Understand why people suck sometimes and what you can do about it.

8-Week Enlightenment Challenge

Take your self-exploration to another level with this 8-module e-course based on the transformational teachings and practices of yoga and A Course In Miracles.

2-Week Back on Track Challenge

Dig deep, make transformative decisions, and facilitate real action to make  your life exactly what you want and need it to be on a soul level. 

Membership includes Guided Meditations

Ready to experience Spiritual Awakening?

Who said “awakening” was just for Gurus? Yoga began thousands of years ago as seated meditation. These guided meditations will put you on the fast track to experience what this practice can do for you firsthand. If you are ready to have a moment to your “self”, and a true moment of “awakening” then allow these guided meditations to take you where you really need to go…within.


Membership includes Yoga Vignettes

Less than 10 minute yoga practices to get you centered and present in your body, mind and soul.


Membership includes Weekly Coaching Emails

Membership includes Prayerful Yoga Sundays

Join Ginger every Sunday via Zoom for Prayerful Yoga Sundays, an online yoga practice that includes setting an intention, a moderate/gentle yoga practice, breath-work, and guided meditation. This practice will be held through Zoom online from 10am to 11:15am Central time and will help you feel settled, connected, and inspired for the week ahead. Only available through Spiritual Yogi membership. Once a member, you will receive an email Sunday morning 9:45am with the link to join via Zoom.

Based on Ginger's Book

Need to get back to your self?  This is the way.

Way of the Spiritual Yogi: 6-Step Guidebook to Find Your Self

Every human being on Earth longs and searches for true meaning and fulfillment. Unfortunately, most of us search in the wrong places and end up empty-handed.

We won’t find true fulfillment in a fancy new car or lavish vacation. We will find it on the yoga mat, in the comfort of our own homes. The regular practice of yoga allows us to escape distractions, break patterns, examine our inner selves deeply, and ultimately find true contentment and joy.

When the practice and teachings of yoga are combined with the teachings of A Course in Miracles, we find ourselves on the most fascinating exploration of self, leading us to what we have truly been missing all along. If you are ready for a simple and honest glimpse into this phenomenal practice of yoga, if you have ever felt lost and are ready to be found, open the pages of this book, seek no more, and discover the way of the spiritual yogi.

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Hi, I’m Ginger Dunaway. I want to help you find what you’ve truly been searching for all these years. Since my first bout of depression as a young kid, there was one constant that stayed with me throughout: that yearning for something more; happiness that lasts; fulfillment that lasts.

With Yoga and A Course In Miracles I have finally found it. The “Yoga Sutras” and A Course In Miracles both explain that the cause of all of our problems …