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Post 3: For my Dad, with love.

Post 3: For my Dad, with love.

My Dad and I have the most wonderful relationship and a lot of it is spent conversing over fascinating books that we have read over the past twenty plus years.
My Mom would say that she started my Dad on these types of fascinating books when she suggested The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot which she heard about on the radio back when I was in high school.  So I should be thanking my Mom as well for her interest in and innate understanding and belief in a world beyond the one we actually see.  So thank you Mom!  I love you so much!
Fortunately for both my Dad and me, this started us on a long and highly interesting journey through books, books, and more books.   I could never keep up with my Dad, however, who completed college at Tulane in 3 years before he moved on to Medical School!
I know, who does that?
Even now, with my Dad a minister of A Course In Miracles, I get to spend Sundays in conversation with two remarkable men in my life, my Dad and my husband, Mark, over the most fascinating topic of all…Awakening!
I have been guided to create this program, Choose Spirit Now, but I know that I could not have done it without the help and support of my Dad.
So thank you, Dad, for being open to your Higher Guidance so that this program could become a reality.  Thank you for being the Truth Holder in my life, by making me aware of when the Ego is trying to pull one over on me!

I only trust that I will be guided to do the same for anyone and everyone I come in contact with on my journey throughout this amazing life. I trust that Choose Spirit Now will reach the people who may be calling for something to further them on their path to ‘Awakening’, to becoming aware of the Ego trying to pull one over on them, and choosing to live a life that God intended for us to live with the help of our Holy Spirit.

Now…who’s in?
Choose Spirit Now!
Happy Fathers Day! 

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  • Curt Graf
    July 8, 2013 3:02 am

    Thank you Ginger. You don’t know how much happiness you have given me to share this path together. You have been my best support in this life and I am very grateful. Your devotion to awakening to your true self will help many people and as a proud, loving father, I couldn’t ask for more than that. With love, dad.

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