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Post 46: The miracle of understanding jealousy.

Jealousy is one of the hardest things to admit to. Why? Because the ego does not like to admit defeat, and to admit to jealousy is equivalent to admitting that someone else is better than you.

Sometimes, it’s nice to look at the people who ruffle our feathers, who get our goats, who are, what A Course in Miracles call our petty tyrants, and ask ourselves if we could be jealous of something we think they have that we don’t. This is difficult but necessary if we truly want to look our ego in the eye and begin to let go of it.

I know, I know, it’s a LOT of fun sometimes to just call that person a b*&%$ or an a-hole and get on with it, BUT this just shows how controlling and manipulative the ego really is. Remember, the ego likes for us to push people away, more reason for us to wallow in feelings of loneliness and sadness later…yikes!

So, why is it to our advantage to look these most uncomfortable feelings in the eye and begin to allow ourselves to unravel the mystery behind them?

It’s simple. Because this is where we unveil the goal of spiritual adepts and sages. Once we are able to realize that this jealousy hides deeper feelings of inadequacy or even worthlessness, we can begin to allow ourselves to face these feelings, feel them fully, and release them for good.

Now comes the true miracle, an overwhelming sense of peace and connection as we reach out to this person instead of shun them. As we express gratitude for our petty tyrants, our feather rufflers, our goat getters, we know that these are fellow beings pushing us to see the most important thing in life which we forgot…that we are all one and the same and every bit on each others side, brothers and sisters eternal, God’s unified child.

Now take a few moments to ask yourself who your petty tyrants are in life, and see if you can face some of the underlying feelings that come up beneath the simple hostility you may feel toward them. Look forward to next week’s guided meditation to help you release any jealousy you may have toward someone else.

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