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Post 44: Meet your higher self.

Does anyone else love to watch their kids imaginations go wild? My 6 year old has the wildest imagination and it makes me realize it makes life crazy fascinating to her! Why can’t we as adults hold onto some of that imagination and bring that fascination back into everyday life? Well, we can!

This is my first sacred ceremony through guided meditation that has been recorded. It will allow your imagination to run wild, but please know that this, like all my guided meditations, has been guided from my highest self. In other words, it has every intention to help you tune back into your higher self FOR REAL and bring your imagination into reality as you truly realize that you are your highest self and can live guided by this higher self in every moment.

Join me for this sacred ceremony through guided meditation in which you will meet your higher self and gain a renewed outlook on life! Need I say more?

You will be lying down and getting comfortable for this meditation so wait until you have the space and time to really let go for the full experience. Enjoy!