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Post 26: Awaken faster with a better attitude

Post 26: Awaken faster with a better attitude

Attitude Is Everything Concept text on background

This will give new meaning to “attitude adjustment” as you realize the effect your attitude has on your own spiritual awakening.

This post is courtesy of my brilliant and wonderful Dad, Curt Graf.

The following is in his own words:

In A Course in Miracles, the emphasis is placed on listening to the Voice for God which is the Holy Spirit. As the course says, He has the perfect plan for us to awaken, to become perfectly happy and profoundly peaceful and to recognize heaven on earth. The course calls this plan, God’s Plan for Salvation.  This plan can be viewed in terms of a GPS, a system that guides you home. A GPS system uses your latitude and longitude to calculate the route that will take you home. If you go off course the GPS recalculates a new route from where you are using your latitude and longitude that will again take you home.
In the same way God’s Plan for Salvation (GPS) uses your attitude (latitude and longitude) of thoughts, beliefs and emotions to plan (calculate) your life experiences (route) that will guide you to awaken (take you home) from your ego’s dream of separation from God.  When you resist your experiences (go off course), God’s Plan for Salvation (GPS) reconfigures (recalculates) your life experiences (route) using your present attitude (latitude and longitude) of thoughts, beliefs and emotions that again will lead you to awaken (take you home).

God’s Plan is perfect for each one of us no matter where we are in our lives. To follow His Plan however, requires a deep trust and total surrender to whatever life confronts us with. Though the ego will object fiercely in the beginning, your total acceptance of raw life as it is will eventually lead you to a life of peace, love, and joy and a home of heaven on earth. This is the only true purpose of our lives and the only one that will end our incessant desire to seek for something more. Once we arrive home, the GPS system will be needed no more.

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Please share this post with friends, family, co-workers…not because your ego wants to hint at them that they need an attitude adjustment (okay maybe they do!)…but because we all get stuck in this ego consciousness and we all need to hold out our hands and help each other out.

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