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Post 25: Finding inner peace amongst the chaos of the mind.

Post 25: Finding inner peace amongst the chaos of the mind.

Peace stoneRecently I have encountered a situation in which I find myself moving between judgment and hope.

As I judge, I get angry and I come up with all sorts of ways to force-fix the problem. I find myself waking up at 3am-unpeaceful, anxious, stressed, and spend the next day tired, weak with nothing left to give.

When I get on my yoga mat I calm.  As I move through the practice I remember my center. I may release this emotional stress through tears and this gives me deep peace. Now I find myself suddenly inspired with new ideas, energy is abundant, and I am undoubtedly guided as to how I can bring light to this before seen “problematic” situation. But most importantly, I am released from the attachment and expectancy to see a particular outcome. In other words, I am reminded that everything is happening perfectly and the best thing I can do is to bring peace and light to any given situation rather than judgment and fear.

I remember what I am trying to teach people and this comes to mind: action driven by judgment is not the cure, action inspired by peace can bring lasting change.

The next time you find yourself in judgment, fear, and hopelessness, step onto your mat for a seated or movement meditation and allow the practice to do what it does best, bring you back to inner peace. Choose from one of my many guided meditations for a short seated meditation practice. Allow it to shift you into a higher state of awareness from which you can tune into the guidance from your higher self to now bring acceptance, hope and trust back into your life, the cornerstones of inner peace.

It’s our choice, judgment-fear-hopelessness OR acceptance-hope-trust in a higher power. Anything is possible when we bring the light of God in. It’s in your hands to bring back that inner peace.

Choose Spirit Now.

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