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Post 15: Yoga teachers, do not make this common mistake!

Post 15: Yoga teachers, do not make this common mistake!

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For all the yoga teachers out there!

Is ego showing up in your teaching, in your studio, or in your life in general?
Take the Ego Quiz to find out.

As teachers and guides it is crucial for us to be aware of our own ego so that it does not take away the one most important thing we are trying to give to our students and fellow teachers, an experience of unity and connection.
Take this short “Ego Quiz” to find out if ego is pulling one over on you.
Some of these questions will be hard to admit to (another ego manipulation), but being able to admit to ego showing up in your life is the first and most important step to be able to awaken from it.  Don’t be afraid!  We all get one pulled over on us from time to time!  No big deal!

Ego Quiz
Have you ever noticed feeling “better than others” or “more peaceful” than others because you practice yoga?
Have you ever thought that you were better than someone else because you could do “such and such” yoga pose or meditate for “such and such length of time” and they could not?
Do you ever worry that other teachers know more than you?
Have you ever felt unprepared, fearful, stressed, or completely unsure of yourself before teaching a class?
Have you ever felt in competition with another yoga teacher or student in your community?
Ever felt like a hypocrite going to teach yoga after a fight with a family member or friend?
Ever felt unworthy going to teach yoga after waking up feeling completely discombobulated and off-kilter emotionally?
Have you ever felt jealous of or angry with another yoga teacher or student in your community?

If any of your answers were yes, then let me congratulate you for even being able to admit to it!  You just took the first and most difficult step in awakening from the ego by admitting to some pretty harsh thoughts and feelings.  

Are you ready to really get honest about how you are living your life and whether or not the ego is in control?  Are you ready to understand the ego so well that it can no longer drag you down into stress, anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, insecurity, depression, the blues, etc which cause us to feel more separated and isolated from each other and our source?

CSN Online Retreat will help you do just that.  This is an ONLINE retreat that is meant to be used as another tool to help keep you on your path to awakening.  This online retreat goes into much detail on the yogic self-study to understand the ego and ultimately how to awaken from it.  Let’s make the ancient yogis proud that we are sharing in their mission of union by making sure the ego is NOT getting in the way.

Check out my online spiritual retreat, 8-Weeks to Waking Up! here.

Inspire change and help me share this message with others in leadership and guidance positions!  This retreat is for anyone who is ready to understand and shift out of the ego, not just yoga teachers!
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Leave me a comment about how ego has shown up in your life and how yoga has helped you to shine the light on it.

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