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Post 13: Is worthlessness making you feel like a sack of poo?

Post 13: Is worthlessness making you feel like a sack of poo?

French bulldog sitting on toilet at homeAre you worthless, inadequate, and your life is the equivalent of poo?
Great!!! Me too!
Okay, so we all have this voice inside our heads that likes to tell us these things from time to time, marinating us in feelings of worthlessness.
No, it’s not the devil, just a thought system we fell into at some point along the way.
The next time you hear it, don’t think you need to fall into that pattern of then feeling down and worthless the rest of the day.

Simply hitch a ride to looney bin central immediately!  Just kidding! We’d all be there!
Simply tell that voice (the ego)  to go where the sun don’t shine and immerse yourself in the joy that is ever present as a part of your truest nature.
Don’t know how to do this?
Let yoga show you how!
Get to a yoga class pronto!

After practicing yoga consistently this voice in your head begins to quiet, and you notice that it is not the real you.  You begin to notice another voice, not quite so obvious as the loud whiny voice of the ego, but full of strength, enormous patience, and total love.  This is your higher self guiding you as it always has, as it always will.  You simply need to get quiet enough to listen.

If you are in Mobile, come to yoga at Quiet Mind Yoga Studio and…
Choose Spirit Now!
You CAN do it!