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Post 21: Self-study is the new Friday night fun time!

Post 21: Self-study is the new Friday night fun time!

Cat taking a selfie.Yogic self-study (not to be confused with a selfie) is a rockin’ good time!!!

After years of searching in all the wrong places for happiness and fulfillment that lasts, little did I know that I would eventually find a spiritual teaching that would lead me much further than simply finding self-esteem or a way out of depression.  I would find what it means to be awake, enlightened, a concept that I had heard of but never knew was possible to fully understand.

One thing that A Course in Miracles (ACIM) brought to my yoga practice was the realization of how important the self-study aspect of yoga really is. This self-study helps us to understand the ego and how it is working in our own lives. The self-study is key to our awakening from the ego’s thought system. If you practice yoga but are unfamiliar with the self-study aspect then CSN Retreat can help you implement it into your practice. This retreat is built upon the 3 components of yogic action (according to the Yoga Sutras) and self-study is one of them. If you are not in the self-study, you may be keeping yourself from fully working your way out of the ego’s grip. And what could be more fun than living a life awake?!

Begin your self-study right away, enroll in CSN Retreat right here, right now!