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Post 7: Ego monkey mind can haunt you with the past.

Post 7: Ego monkey mind can haunt you with the past.

It goes like this:
You go out.
You have one too many.
You wake up and…

A faint memory comes back to you:
dancing wildly at the company party (poop)
dancing wildly on a table at the company party (double poop)
crowd cheering, undressing on a table at the company party…..AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (triple quadriple poop)

Okay, so we are all past those days, but every now and then, the memory re-surfaces and
you are re-living that horror-filled post-‘table dancing party’ morning CRINGE!

Welcome to random mind hauntings caused by none other than the ego monkey mind!

We’ve all had them.

And if you haven’t then you are probably in denial and need to quit avoiding.
(A topic we’ll talk about on another day.)

If you can breathe deeply enough to get over the initial re-surfacing of emotion, then you can learn to appreciate the power of the Ego over the mind.

The power the Ego has to control the mind and take us right back to an instant in life that may be 5, 10, even 20 or more years old with emotions and feelings so intense it’s as if it really just happened yet again, is pretty amazing.
A pisser sometimes, but amazing.

Look at the bright side.
We are being given an opportunity to look ourselves in the eye, look past the Ego and its judgment of humiliation for our actions, and to finally forgive ourselves and/or others, and release the painful emotions and stress still surrounding us.

When we can do this for ourselves we are freeing up more obstacles to our experience of peace and reducing our experience of RANDOM MIND HAUNTINGS!

Need help with this?
Go on…Choose Spirit Now!

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  • Curt Graf
    July 29, 2013 4:44 pm

    Ginger, you are so right. This is the most important thing we do on our spiritual path. I have realized that if the Oneness is perfect then I as an aspect of the Oneness am also perfect. It couldn’t be otherwise no matter what my ego mind says. As I learn to be gentle and kind and loving with myself, making only choices from love and with the Holy Spirit as my higher self, can I love and honor my brothers as perfect aspects of the Oneness no matter what they do. Then I can wake up from the dream of separation into the Reality of Oneness that we all are. Our mental hauntings are the lessons we are given in that moment to realize we are perfect just as we are no matter what our ego minds think. Thanks, Ginger, for help in remembering the truth. Curt

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