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Post 53: In a slump and need a quick pick me up?

Post 53: In a slump and need a quick pick me up?

Do you ever have those days in which you feel completely down on yourself? You begin to doubt your ability to do your job, be a good parent, or just be a relatively worthwhile human being in general? What in the hell is this?!

First off, you are NOT alone. All of us have days in which we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we are totally thrown off kilter for whatever reason. Sometimes it lasts a day, but sometimes it lasts for weeks or months or even years. Do you want to live like that? I didn’t think so!

Can I tell you a little secret that will instantly take you out of this head space? First of all, when we find ourselves here, we simply need to re-instate our faith (check out my guided meditation from last week on finding faith) and re-connect to ourselves on a soul level.

The fastest, easiest way to do this is to REACH OUT TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO POSITIVELY INFLUENCED YOU IN LIFE and let them know how they are worthwhile to you. Bring this person into your awareness and feel gratitude and appreciation toward them. If you want to go a step further, then write, email or text this person with a quick note of thanks explaining their positive influence on you. 

You may never know how much it will mean to that person, but chances are they will let you know as soon as they hear from you. The important thing is it will take you out of your own head-space of feeling unworthy because you just did a VERY WORHTY ACT. When you take the time to acknowledge other people’s gifts, you re-connect to your own soul through love and gratitude. And that will make you feel better than a million bucks. And who knows, you may have just pulled someone else out of a slump by reminding them that they have and still can positively affect others.

So take this simple exercise if you have been feeling down and unworthy and prepare to re-connect with yourself on a level that really matters.

I’d love to hear how this exercise went for you. Email me at ginger@spiritual-yogi.com and let me know how it goes. I’m working on my own today as well! Remember, to live “awake” is to love your life. And what better way to honor God than that?


 Today is a great day to also practice this sacred ceremony guided meditation: Meet Your Higher Self. Enjoy!

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