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Post 12: Yoga gives you coping skills for any situation!

Post 12: Yoga gives you coping skills for any situation!

Are You Coping Concept

Coping skills are necessary for high-stress situations and yoga gives you the ultimate coping skills.

This past January my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  There were two days in which we thought she had a fast growing cancer that could possibly take her within a few years.  Miraculously, the diagnosis was wrong.  It was a slow growing cancer that had not spread and they were able to cut it out of her lung in February and be done with it, no chemo or radiation.

Throughout those two months with my Mom’s diagnosis and surgery I kept thinking back to what my teacher from Kripalu, Devarshi Steven Hartman, once said.  As we grow up we learn to turn down our volume button on life.  At some point we must turn that volume button back up and learn to feel everything FULLY once again.  He says that once we can do that, we realize that even emotions such as grief or intense sorrow can be like ecstasy as long as we are allowing ourselves to feel them fully.  It’s the resistance to feeling these emotions that can be painful to us.

Like a child crying in agony over a scrape one second and then laughing gaily when you pull out a piece of candy for their wound the next, we must re-learn how to sink our heels in and really EXPERIENCE life, really FEEL life, really LOVE every single second of this experience because none of us knows when we will be off to the next.   This enabled me to remain fully present, fully feeling, and fully peaceful throughout this experience with my Mom and for that I am truly grateful.

Yoga helps us to turn up our volume button.  First, it helps by turning down the volume on the distractions so that we can then turn our focus inward and tune in to whatever may be going on WITHIN us.  When we can practice feeling whatever is within us FULLY, then once these feelings are expressed we experience a serene peace and quiet.  It is in this quiet, this peace that we feel God, (whatever your interpretation of God is) that we feel our connection with everything from WITHIN.

I invite you all to take 5 minutes: turn your focus inward.  Let go of the outward distractions for a full 5 minutes and allow yourself to experience whatever is roiling around INSIDE.  Let yourself get mad, sad, cry your eyes out, dance like a crazy person, whatever it takes to let loose for a moment. Allow yourself to experience it fully, revel in it, enJOY it!  See if you can’t find the ecstasy within all these other different emotions.  Then let it go as easily as it came.   Connect with peace, with God, with your highest self and live from this state of being.
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Choose Spirit Now.

Today is my birthday.  I am so grateful for my yoga practice which enables me to live life fully and love and be grateful for EVERY moment: the seemingly good ones, the seemingly bad ones, but every moment I am honored to have in this amazing life!!!

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