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Post #121: I Need Do Nothing

Post #121: I Need Do Nothing

It seems like we have to “do” something to get to our PEACEFUL CENTER, but WE’RE ALREADY THERE.


What I love about a blend of yoga AND A Course In Miracles is that ACIM reminds us that we really don’t need to “do anything” to get back to our peaceful center.

Our ego convinces us that it’s a long road to peace, contentment, and joy. But in reality, peace, contentment & joy are “within” our very being. God created us with these attributes.


In the meantime, we utilize yogic practices to help us “get there”. (Back to our peaceful center that never went anywhere in the first place.)


It’s as SIMPLE as slowing down, taking a deep breath, and making that shift OUT of the ego, and TUNED-IN to our SOUL-SELF where peace, contentment, and joy are a part of us.


I’m sharing a link to a breath-work practice that will help you REVEAL your peaceful center. enJOY!

All my best,

Remember, you are a force for good in the world. The more consistent you get with these practices the more your life will become guided, sacred, and filled with meaning. You cannot help but then extend deep peace, joy, and contentment to your loved ones, friends, and everyone you meet. The world could use more of this, so let’s get you in the best space to make it happen.

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