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Post #111: Tips for Eating Healthy Over the Holidays!

Post #111: Tips for Eating Healthy Over the Holidays!

All right! You’ve almost made it through the whole year, and you’re not about to throw away your hard-won progress over a few weeks of the holidays.






But you still want to enjoy yourself in the festive season, which is anchored by – yep – lots of overindulgence.


No worries. I’ve got you.


Here are seven simple tips to follow this year to maintain your balanced diet over the next few weeks.


1. Plan Like a Pro. Map out the next few weeks – travel, family meals, work events, etc.

Anticipate how each might affect your eating, and then make plans accordingly. For instance – if you’re going to be driving for a few hours, pack a healthy lunch so you’re not stuck with random fast food.


2. Embrace a Variety on Ordinary Days. Prioritize whole foods rich in nutrients, like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. A month of rockstar eating will absorb a bit of festive fun.


3. Do the Same on Big Days. For the grander feasts, or even smaller parties, use smaller plates and load up with the healthy choices first. Aunt Martha’s famous mashed potatoes can wait.


4. Keep Drinking… Water, that is! It’s the secret weapon that it’s too easy to forget in December. Even when you get busy with shopping and socializing, and the temps are cooler, remember to hydrate. It’ll keep you feeling full and lessen the effects of too

much sugar or alcohol.


5. Pay Attention. Throughout the season, don’t consume meals while watching TV or scrolling Facebook. Chew slowly. Enjoy the food. Stop when you’re 80% full.


6. Snack Smartly. Avoid the “skip meals” trap. It’ll just make you hungrier later. Keep a healthy snack handy so you don’t get stuck with no good options.


7. Remember the Big Picture. Your healthy habits are built to carry you through an occasional overindulgence. Pick your battles! Not every holiday temptation is worth it.


Don’t forget how stress can drive our desire for more.


Anytime you find yourself stressing over the holidays, take some deep breaths into the lower belly.


Stress in the form of mental/emotional energy is stored in the lower belly, our “emotional center”. So deep breathing into this area and utilizing yoga postures to “wring out” this area of the body, while deep breathing, is great to release this type of stress.


Whether it’s too much eating, shopping, or drinking see if you can release the underlying stress driving you to over-indulge.


Need help doing this?


No problem, I’ve got you covered!


Take 12-minutes and check out my yoga vignette, “Curb the Cravings”.


It will help you release the stress which could be driving you to over-indulge in the first place.


Plus you’ll feel great afterward!


Cheers to a wonderful holiday season! 😊


Remember, you are a force for good in the world. The more consistent you get with these practices the more your life will become guided, sacred, and filled with meaning. You cannot help but then extend deep peace, joy, and contentment to your loved ones, friends, and everyone you meet. The world could use more of this, so let’s get you in the best space to make it happen.

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