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Post 27: Undo the ego and stop life from ankle-biting the hell out of you!

Post 27: Undo the ego and stop life from ankle-biting the hell out of you!

Close-up of angry Chihuahua growling, 2 years old, in front of white background

Is life ankle biting the hell out of you?  Great!
What I have found having two tiny pups in the house is that ankle biting is bittersweet.  Sure, it aggravates the hell out of you, but that’s just it!  It potentially takes the hell out of you.

Life brings up fears that we need to heal in life.  So all of these little ego aggravations are actually opportunities to really look at what is going on and let some stuff go.

If you are dancing the two step trying to get out of life’s way, you should take a look in the mirror.  Look at what you have been doing to avoid life’s ankle-biting.

Do you:

  • busy yourself with too many things until you drive yourself crazy?
  • plan poorly so that you always find yourself out of time, money, and energy?
  • fear what you may see if you slow down and take a look in the mirror?
  • avoid long-held fears about yourself, about others, and about life in general?

It is time to face the annoying ankle-biting.
How do you do this you ask?
Take a break. Relax. Go get a massage. Go take a yoga class. Allow yourself to slow down and face whatever it is you have been running from. You will realize that whatever it is is not so scary. Breathe into it. Stop racing time. Stop competing with your friends. In this you will undo the ego.

It is your responsibility to enjoy your life. It is your responsibility to allow yourself time to relax and recoup. It is your responsibility to make this life everything you have ever wanted.

It is your responsibility to remember the bigger picture and choose Spirit now.

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