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Post 38: Build trust in your higher self through guided meditation.

Post 38: Build trust in your higher self through guided meditation.

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When its summer time and I find the occasional house fly buzzing at the sunroom windows wanting desperately to reach the other side, I find it incomprehensible when I open the sliding glass door which is feet away, shoe them towards it, and find them miss the open door completely and fly right back to that window, the one thing separating them from their goal.

But it made me think.

Isn’t this what a lot of us end up doing? We figure out what we want in life or what we want to do in life, but we put up this clear window so that we drool over the idea but make it seem impossible for ourselves to go for it. Then our higher self starts to talk to us, guide us, open that door just a few feet away. But fear prevents us from going through it to all the dreams we have for ourselves on the other side. We go through life convincing ourselves that we have been blocked from our dreams because we are too scared to trust the inner guidance that knows how to take us on the path toward them.

If we learn to trust in our inner guidance, we find that eventually we have to move away from that window. This is scary because we are putting ourselves out there. We are trying something new which means we could fail. We get scared because usually it is not a direct path toward the dream. It sometimes has to take us sideways, through the open door, and then finally out to the goal. A lot of us give up, because the sideways journey is tough and it seems like failure if we are not moving straight toward the goal. It’s easier to stay where we are, convincing ourselves that it is the window’s fault for our failure to reach the other side.

Quit acting like a common house fly! The door is open! Choose Spirit Now, and learn to tune into and trust in your higher self to lead you out!

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