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Blog Post 57: Need help letting go of a grievance toward someone? Try this yoga exercise.

Blog Post 57: Need help letting go of a grievance toward someone? Try this yoga exercise.


Okay, are you ready to discuss a virtue that all of us are well aware that we need to practice but don’t always realize how much it can affect us on a physical, mental/emotional, and even soul-level if we don’t practice it regularly? Whew, that was a mouthful!

So here’s my question for the day: what are you doing in life if you can’t learn to forgive the people who are hardest to forgive? It’s easy getting along with the nice, easy-going people, right? But the ones who know just what buttons to push are the ones where forgiveness becomes a real spiritual practice for us. And I’m not trying to push you buttons by writing this! But to leave you with an important point and one that is literally life-changing. 

Your forgiveness is not just to salvage a particular relationship (and may not always do so) but to bring peace back to your life (and possibly theirs) where you might have lost it for awhile. And who couldn’t stand more peace in their life, especially in regards to relationships?

So, if you would like to truly practice forgiveness and sew peace where before there was anger, resentment, or extreme dislike, then practice this yoga exercise with me. This can even be driven by a completely selfish drive to finally be free of the extreme discomfort you may feel around a particular person. Because I’m pretty sure that once you practice this exercise, your attitude toward this person will be completely turned around. And instead of dreading running into this person, you will look forward to it so that you can draw on this virtue and truly sew peace and love where before there was discomfort and disharmony. 

Choose a yoga level below that is right for you and enjoy!

Level 1: Beginner   Level 2: Intermediate   Level 3: Advanced


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