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Post 35: The importance of expressing our creativity!

I was reading Dr. Christiane Northrup’s excellent book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom when I came across this profound passage that will really hit home for all of you creative people, which is EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this—yes, we are ALL creative beings!

Dr. Northrup is talking about a woman having a baby (the epitome of the female creative ability) when she says, “And once the child is born, she must acknowledge that her creation has and always will have a life and personality of its own, even though it was created from her own flesh and blood.”

She goes on to say in the next paragraph (LISTEN UP—EVEN YOU GUYS), “Similarly, all of the creations that come from deep within us, from our ovarian wisdom—whether they be babies, books, or works of art—have a life of their own that we have a responsibility to initiate and allow but ultimately not to control.”

Wow. Again, like last week that theme of letting go of expectations which drives that need to control. Expectations of our children, but also expectations of our creative works of art! Brilliant!

If you have been wanting to start a creative project but fear has been holding you back, remember that desire to create inside of you is a gift from God. When you hold back out of fear you are preventing a work of art from coming into this world that has the potential to change lives for the better, to touch someone in a way that may change how they see the world. It is not your responsibility to worry about what may come of your work. It is your responsibility to be the vessel in which this creative work will come to life and if it potentially helps even one person then it has fulfilled its purpose. Sometimes that one person is YOU.

I have had to really watch this in writing my book, Choose Spirit Now: Wake Up to an Exquisite Life (out any day now). What I realized is that every time I found myself editing another passage, I sensed that my higher self was speaking straight to me through those pages, to remind me to stay awake along this journey. I felt that, if nothing else, this book was meant to come to life to help me on my own path. If I can share it with others and they find it helps them too, then awesome, but I have to be okay that it might have come to life just for me. And since we are all connected, then if it helps just me then it is helping everyone else too.

How do we let go of fear and facilitate remaining open to our unlimited, life-giving creativity and guidance as to how we can bring this creativity to life?

Practice yoga as guided meditation…it’s as simple as focusing on deepening the breath, letting the mind quiet, and tuning into that guidance from within. Choose from an array of guided meditations here to get started!

Choose Spirit Now!

CSN Homework: The next time you feel a desire to create something, to start a new project or a work of art, remember the magnitude of what is really happening. This is a gift from God, that we all have the ability to create, and every desire you have to do so is coming from the very essence of your being, your Spirit. So don’t let fear hold you back. Allow Spirit to continue to guide you and fill you with desire to bring positive, life-giving works of art into the world. Remember, it can be as simple as a note to a friend from the heart or as complex as a community project you want to pull together. Just let the creativity flow!