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Post 17: Your wake up call…waking up cranky!

Post 17: Your wake up call…waking up cranky!

Do You Need a Wake Up Call on a cork notice boardMaybe you stayed up too late doing a whole lot of nothing. Maybe you dreamed your partner cheated on you. Maybe you ate too many bonbons right before going to sleep. (Remember those?) But now the sun is coming up and suddenly you are angry for having to get up for your job, angry for staying up too late reading that below-average book, angry that your spouse cheated on you in your dream, you are even angry about the guilt you now feel as your dog looks at you with those eyes of innocent anticipation when all you want to do is pull the covers up over your head and revel in how worthless you are and how meaningless your life is.

What in the hell-o is up with this?!  And just yesterday you were telling someone how wonderful everything seemed to be!

Yes, it happens.  And here is why you should be grateful for this opportunity.

We cannot awaken until we get a glimpse of what it (the ego) is we are trying to awaken from…and this is it (the ego) at its finest!  Imagine the ego thought system like a cloud that can blow in without warning and hover over us, blocking the light and making us feel totally cut off from all things good and positive (our true nature).  Most of the time the clouds are light and wispy, not too easily noticed.  But other times, like today, they are dark and thick, sending you into an abyss of negative thought patterns just waiting to take you down.   You could have just gotten back from a 5 week meditation retreat in Bali, but here it is…the ego coming out of nowhere pulling you down into the depths of pure mental hell!

When we find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes it is telling us that there is something in life that we need to take a closer look at.  Check out the Guided Meditation below called, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!”  Whenever you feel like that ego cloud has come out of nowhere and is sitting right on top of you, take ten minutes to listen to this meditation and let it draw you out from behind that ego cloud.  After the meditation take a few minutes to write down any insights that may have arisen.  Be extra kind to yourself today.

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