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Post 51: Dream Big, God Has Your Back

Post 51: Dream Big, God Has Your Back

Happy New Year!

I know it’s the new year and you want to make a resolution that you know you’ll eventually forget about, but I want to give you a bit of a different challenge. I challenge you to dream big this year. Dig deep and find the higher intention behind the resolution. Something that’s bigger than simply losing 10 pounds or watching less t.v.

Dream big. Maybe you’re going to lose those 10 pounds but the deeper desire is to gain confidence. Maybe you want to gain confidence for a deeper desire to speak to groups of people about something close to your heart. Dream big. Maybe you want to share and connect with people for a deeper desire to lift them up and give them hope. Maybe you want to help people, connect with people, and lift them up for the deeper desire to connect with God and bring Him into your everyday life.

Dream big. Maybe it’s a dream you had as a child but circumstances in life made you think you couldn’t accomplish it. Dream big. Maybe you’re at a life stage in which you think you can’t be of service to the world like you used to. It does not matter what age you are or what decade you’re in. You are here for a purpose and a reason. Dream big. You can still serve for the greater good of the people around you. Even if you touch one person in your life and lift them up on a regular basis you are serving the world by giving that one person a chance at hope, faith and the ability to do the same for others.

Dream big. What can you do this year that will make a difference?

Dream big. What plans does God have for you that you’ve let someone in life, maybe even yourself, cause you to lose sight of?

Dream big. What is stirring in your heart, stirring in your soul, waiting to be born, breathed, shared for the greater good? It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, community organization, or family unit. Dream big. What can you bring to the table? What can you do to lift others up, bring joy, bing more laughter, more smiles, more light to the room?

Dream big. God has your back. There is nothing stopping you with Him in your corner.

“What does this have to do with yoga?” you ask.
Well, everything.

Yoga as a practice helps us to slow down.

When we slow down and calm the monkey mind we work more efficiently. Our energy is no longer wasted on the recording in our head but drawn toward our higher purpose and goals.

When we slow down we are able to take a step backward and really notice how we’re moving through life. We make changes accordingly if we’re not moving through the way we aspire to.

When we slow down we notice synchronicities and connections we are having everyday. God is placing these in front of us to help us toward our purpose and goal.

When we notice these synchronicities and connections and appreciate them for what they are, more begin to take place. Life becomes this magical, beautiful, orchestrated dance that can only be described as Godly.

Yoga essentially helps us to connect with God, align with His higher purpose for us, and bring it into fruition.

Whether you believe in God or not, this is where we want to live from. This is where we feel meaning and fulfillment. We feel connected to those deep stirrings in our soul and we know that we are on our path to bringing them to fruition.

As simple or as complex as our purpose may seem, all are equally as meaningful. From the nurse who comforts the dying, to the nursing home resident lifting her fellow companions with a laugh or a smile, to the corporate owner funding millions to a clean water project for third world countries, to the mother giving her all for her kids to be raised in a positive, loving and inspiring environment. All are equally purposeful and meaningful because all have the underlying intention to lift people up, and that has God written all over it.

So if you are ready to come up with your own big dream intention, then join me for a short guided meditation. We’ll be setting that big dream intention and getting into a space within our own minds to be able to know that it is possible to bring this intention to fruition and to begin seeing the synchronicites and connections in daily life to help us make it happen. The guided meditation will be a separate video underneath this. So enjoy it and remember that you can practice this guided meditation anytime you feel like you need to get back on track with your true purpose and find that meaning and fulfillment we all so want and deserve in life.


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