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Post 32: What our anger is trying to tell us.


Quick to anger like a red-head? Read this post to slow your roll!

Dr. Christiane Northrup says in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom:

“Anger is energy—our personal jet fuel. It is telling us that something needs adjustment in our lives. It is telling us that there is something we want that we don’t know we want.” She goes on to say, “This emotion is dangerous only if we deny it and stuff it in our bodies. Anger and all other ‘negative’ emotions can serve us well when we don’t turn them in on ourselves as depression or lash out with them against others” (Northrup 2002, 604).

These negative emotions are signals, and what they are telling us is that we are stuck again in the ego’s thought system and belief system. We feel totally cut off from our higher self and are probably making choices based on the ego rather than our higher self’s guidance. This can leave us frustrated and angry without realizing why.



  • First: forgive yourself for the angry outburst.
  • Second: practice yoga, choose any of Choose Spirit Now’s guided meditations to release the negative emotional energy and stress that has accumulated in your body & mind, deafening you to your higher guidance.
  • Third: be mindful of what you are eating and how much quality sleep you are getting.

In no time at all, you will find yourself tuned in again to your higher guidance and living life in more peace and contentment as you follow your intuition rather than your analytical (ego) thinking mind.

Remember, ego always loves a good fight, but Spirit says, “Slow your roll…and bask in the peace!” Your loved ones WILL thank you.

Live life awake…Choose Spirit Now!