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Why Spiritual Yogi?

Finding meaning and fulfillment in life is as

vital to the soul as air is to the body.

We start by finding our Self again.


Yoga works on us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to bring us closer to God, closer to our own self, and closer to a life that feels guided, sacred and filled with meaning.


Get started with your practice right here today.



Find your peaceful center over the next 7 days through these hand-picked Guided Meditations.


Ditch the drama. Understand why people suck sometimes (including yourself)  and what you can do about it.

JOURNEY TO                         WAKING UP

Take your self-exploration to another level with this 8-module e-course for body, mind and soul.

Guided Meditations

Ready to experience Spiritual Awakening?

Who said “awakening” was just for Gurus? Yoga began thousands of years ago as seated meditation. These guided meditations will put you on the fast track to experience what this practice can do for you firsthand. If you are ready to have a moment to your “self”, and a true moment of “awakening” then allow these guided meditations to take you where you really need to go…within.



Need to get back to your self?  This is the way.

Way of the Spiritual Yogi: 6 Steps to Your True Self

Coming Soon!


Hi, I’m Ginger Dunaway. I want to help you find what you’ve truly been searching for all these years. Since my first bout of depression as a young kid, there was one constant that stayed with me throughout: that yearning for something more; happiness that lasts; fulfillment that lasts.

With Yoga and A Course In Miracles I have finally found it. The “Yoga Sutras” and A Course In Miracles both explain that the cause of all of our problems …