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Post 52: Finding Faith

Post 52: Finding Faith

Faith is the difference between a life of meaning and a life of doubt.
Which would you rather live?
A life of meaning-knowing that you are guided to do exactly what you are meant to be doing, knowing that God has your back, knowing that everything is playing out exactly the way it’s supposed to?
A life of doubt-constantly questioning your role in life, feeling alone and disconnected, and feeling anxious and uncertain about the future and what it holds?

Anyone can have faith and yet not everyone feels it. Faith is a natural aspect of the soul. On a soul-level all of us know that everything is happening exactly as it should be. It is when we get bogged down with the busyness of life or something happens that seems beyond what we can handle that we lose faith. When we lose faith we find ourselves in doubt and anxiousness about our abilities and therefore about the future in general. We lose our connection with our inner guidance and feel as if we are off track.

Faith helps us remember that there is always a reason behind the “downtimes” so that downtimes no longer bring us down. Faith is an internal network of support which bands together with belief, trust, choice, and surrender. It sustains us by keeping us open to our inner guidance. This inner guidance, our intuition, helps us move through the downtimes more easily and know that the rain always brings new life.

The most fascinating characteristic about faith is that it can take you literally a split second to attain it. All you have to do is shift into your spiritual self, your soul-self. In other words, get out of that fear-based, doubtful, negative nelly mind-set and allow your soul’s quiet wisdom to take over. Here you will immediately feel your faith as a resolute trust in your own abilities, in the path that life is laying at your feet, and most importantly in your worthiness just the way you are right here, right now. In other words, there is never a need to “prove” yourself. There is only the need to hold your faith dear, and do the work that you are guided to do with a heart full of love and kindness-one step at a time.

The most rewarding aspect of faith is the ability to let go of trying to control everything. Keep your faith, follow your inner guidance to do the work you are meant to do, and then let go of control.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel a well-spring of faith rising up within you.

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