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Post 28: Jesus could be just one bad day away…you only have to be open to his presence.

Post 28: Jesus could be just one bad day away…you only have to be open to his presence.

Strassenschild 31 - JesusI love when a 3-minute conversation with my 5 year old daughter brings me back to a state of awakening. I was asked on the car ride home last night by my little girl if I knew that Jesus died for us on purpose. I have my own take on this, so as I was explaining how Jesus showed us through his torturous death that if he can forgive the people nailing him to the cross then we should be able to forgive anyone for anything, suddenly and without warning I began to cry. I cried because in that moment I realized that I had been judging someone all day, and as I uttered these words I knew instantly that Jesus was speaking directly to me to let this judgment go.

All day I had a knot in my stomach as I fumed over an unexpected decision that someone had gone back on. I had allowed the ego to draw me back into the desire to judge, separate myself from this individual, and blame them for the subsequent isolation I felt all day because of it. I realized that when we choose to judge and blame another, even if we are totally in the right, it makes us feel lonely and isolated, not just them. Tears of gratitude now flowed down my face for this gracious reminder of how simple forgiveness can be, and how good it feels when you finally decide to break down your walls of judgment, separation, and isolation and choose to love others no matter what. Suddenly I realized that my heart felt open again although I did not realize that it had been closed. I could take a deep breath although I did not realize that I couldn’t before. I was no longer feeling that sense of isolation, but now felt that sense of union, the true goal of yoga.

I challenge you, the next time someone irks you so badly that it is literally ruining your day, think about Jesus’ ability to forgive. Be open to how Jesus and the Holy Spirit may be speaking to you and guiding you, turning a particularly bad day into a truly miraculous one.

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