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Post #85: 15-Minute Advanced Chakra Cleanse & Kapalabhati Breath-Work Practice

Post #85: 15-Minute Advanced Chakra Cleanse & Kapalabhati Breath-Work Practice

This is one of my favorite mini-practices which combines engaging mula bhanda (the root lock; think kegel exercise) while alternating between kapalabhati breath-work (skull-polishing breath) and deep core engagement. This helps to open up any blocks in the lower chakras which prevent us from sensing our connection with God.

Mula bhanda is one of the 3 bhandas used in yoga to redirect energy and open up chakras, in this case the first chakra called the root chakra or muladhara chakra. Mula bhanda on a physical level is great because it helps strengthen deep pelvic floor muscles that help support urinary and bowel function. On an energetic level it helps turn downward energy upward and cleanses the pranamaya kosha, or energy sheath of the body. The ultimate goal of mula bhanda is to open us up to our connection with God.

Kapalabhati pranayam, or breath-work is also known as the skull polishing breath or stomach pumping breath. It is a forceful exhalation and passive inhalation all through the nostrils, mouth closed. This breath-work cleans the nasal passages, opens sinuses, allows for a complete exchange of air in the lungs, strengthens the abdominal muscles, gets us in touch with our emotions which are held in the belly area, and generates introversion of the mind.

Contraindications include pregnancy, recent surgery, injury or inflammation in the abdominal or thoracic areas, and uncontrolled high blood pressure.   

I am including a modified version of this practice since the advanced version includes an intense core exercise. However the modified version also includes a pretty intense core exercise but it’s more easily modified. Be sure to listen to your body and modify as necessary. If you are female and on your cycle, then wait until you are done to complete this intense practice. 

Just know that ultimately yoga is working on helping us let go of our ego enough to experience the peace of God as we move through life.

Why is that important? Well…let’s see.

When we shift from our limited “ego self” to our expanded “true self” we gain a different perspective on life. It allows us to experience the peace of God while moving through difficult situations. It allows us to dig in and enjoy every moment of life with the full knowledge and remembrance that we are eternal souls that will up and move on to the next journey one day. 

That’s why you feel so GOOD after yoga!
You have given yourself a moment of unbounded consciousness in which you have accessed the limitlessness of the true self. So what are you waiting for?

Click on the image below to start this 15 minute breath-work & core cleanse practice. 

Advanced Chakra Cleanse & Kapalabhati Breath Work Practice
Modified Chakra Cleanse & Kapalabhati Breath Work Practice

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