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Post 39: What parenting reveals to us about God.

Post 39: What parenting reveals to us about God.

Happy family together, parents with their little child sitting on grass at sunset

Parenting can reveal a lot to us about God. One thing I remember when my little girl was a newborn, was holding her in my arms and wishing that I could keep her safe from all the difficulties life has to offer. I knew I would do anything in my power to protect her but I also knew that she would have to go through life and have her own experiences and I would not be able to protect her from everything. I wished in those moments that I could prevent her beautiful baby skin from being scraped one day when she was riding her bike. I wished I could keep her from having to feel the hurt feelings she might have one day from other kids making fun of her. I wished I could shield her from all of the things that I knew might make life difficult for her one day.

Anyone who experiences parenting and anyone who can even imagine being a parent can tap into this deep desire to protect our children.
Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that God would want the same for His? A God who is all-loving would not want us to experience even one moment of pain or suffering, dissatisfaction, or un-fulfillment. A God who is all-loving would not want us to experience the death of a child, the death of a loved one, or the fear in anticipation of our own death.

Here’s where we get confused. When we think about God creating us, we automatically jump to the belief that God created us in the body. But the body dies eventually; the self-image we create in this life fades over time after our death. Would God create something that eventually dies?

We must wake up to the common-sense belief that initially God created us as Spirit, since this is the aspect that is godlike in its eternal nature and perfection. When we focus on God creating us in the body, which we know to be mortal, it subconsciously instills a fear of God in us, because we subconsciously think that God is, on some level, allowing us to suffer and die. A Course in Miracles does a great job in revealing this fear and the common sense answer that God created us in Spirit.

For whatever reason we decided to have this experience in the body, God has been with us all the way. And just as we would do anything in our power to keep our children from pain and suffering, God is begging us to remember the truth that He created us in a way that we cannot suffer, we cannot die!

This is why it makes total sense to me that there is an awakening that needs to happen. An awakening to the memory that God created us in His image. He created us to be like Him, perfect, whole and eternal, never to experience death, never able to be broken apart from the ones we love because they are a part of us and we are a part of them. This is what we have to wake up to, the memory of how we were created by God, not in the body, but in the underlying essence of all form, our immortal Spirit!

Don’t believe? No problem!

This truth is what we wake up to through yogic practices and A Course in Miracles. We can learn to go within in such a way that we feel our deep connection with everyone we’ve ever loved and will ever love. We can learn to go within in such a way that we uncover this truth as to how we were created in Spirit in God’s image. It takes practice to learn how to go within in this way—practice and help from above. This practice brings that sacredness back into our everyday lives. It brings us further than simply understanding these beliefs. It brings us into the truth and experience of these beliefs. We are filled with reverence for ourselves and all beings, all of creation, but most importantly we are filled with peace, knowing that no one can truly be taken from us.
Isn’t that what God would want for his children?

Yes and He is trying to help us remember that every day! All we need to do is listen!

How you ask? Practice yoga! Read A Course in Miracles! Get quiet…and feel the truth stirring inside of you!

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