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Blog Post 61: Why feeling “lost” should fill you with excitement, wonder, and appreciation!

Blog Post 61: Why feeling “lost” should fill you with excitement, wonder, and appreciation!

Do you ever find yourself feeling “lost”? …lost over what you are meant to do, be, feel in life? I found myself contemplating that today and realizing that I felt completely at a loss as to what my next step is with a certain life zone. This was strange because just the week before I felt like I had everything worked out and life was really good.

After feeling the sadness, frustration, and discomfort that this brought up for me, I had a tiny glimpse behind the curtain and had to laugh at my own self for pulling the strings. I realized that feeling “lost” is another way I make life more interesting for myself. If everything was perfect and figured out all the time, life would be downright boring and I would be out of something to do.

So I decided to give this feeling of “being lost” another chance. As I immersed myself in it, I allowed myself to morph these feelings of sadness, frustration and discomfort into excitement, wonder, and appreciation. The excitement was for the endless possibilities that stand before us in these moments. The wonder was for the realization that my “self” on a soul-level was involved in setting up a transition here at this moment in my life. The appreciation was for the beauty of life in its ever-constant state of change which never allows life to be “boring”.

So the next time you find yourself feeling “lost”, allow the feelings of excitement, wonder and appreciation to take over as you wait patiently for life to move you in a different direction. Get excited about feeling “lost”! And if you’d like some help finding clarity within this feeling of being “lost”, then practice the guided meditation below.



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