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Post 40: Tap into creativity.

Post 40: Tap into creativity.

Close up Young Blond Kid Painting Abstract Design Using Various Colors on White Wall During her Painting Time.

In yogic philosophy there is this idea that we are all trying to get back to how we were as kids, joyful and content in life! Most of us might be able to remember those days, some of us might not. It was before “life” happened and all the experiences, good and bad, were laid out for us that unequivocably changed our lives.

What I love about having a 6-year old in the house is watching how content she is. She is a busy little bee, always building worlds in minecraft or creating various art with items she finds around the house. She is NOT bored!

And what is really cool is that she doesn’t want to go to bed, not to spite her parents, but because she is enjoying life so much she doesn’t want to break for sleep!

This is what we need to tap back into as adults. What do you enjoy doing, especially the little things? What are you inspired to do? What do you love to do that inspires you even more?

If you cannot even think of anything that you love to do, then take the next few moments to join me in this meditation to tap into a clear space in which you can tap into your creativity and inner guidance.