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Post 41: How to meditate.


For newbie meditators or any of you who already meditate but are still trying to figure out what in the world you are really doing, this is for you! It’s an instructional video which will teach you why to meditate and how to meditate.

There are numerous ways to lead a guided meditation but this video pertains to my unique style of guided meditation which I love to lead. Once you practice this one you can confidently practice any of my other guided meditations with a better idea for what you are after through this amazing ancient practice: a practice that is not a stranger to any religion or spiritual tradition. So if you believe in God, don’t let religion or tradition hold you back, because there is no better way to reach God than through this practice of going deep within your own self.

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Enjoy! Leave me a comment on how you liked this meditation and if there are any other meditations that you would like to hear from me in the future! Remember, there is no better way to let me know that you enjoyed it than by sharing it with others!