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Post 55: Surrender to However Today is Meant to Unfold

Post 55: Surrender to However Today is Meant to Unfold

If you are anything like me, Mondays come with a list of “to-do’s” for the day and the week ahead. And just when I think I’m getting ahead, the baby gets sick again and I find myself back at square one. I sometimes feel like that poor guy, Sisyphus, rolling the boulder up the hill only to have it roll back down again…for eternity!

As I find myself in stress and overwhelm at the mountain of responsibilities that won’t get done at the pace I like to hold myself to, I have only one other choice. Surrender. Between me and you, I don’t like to surrender. It goes against what I was taught as a child that hard work equals worthiness, a little struggle means you are doing it right.

But I want to take today to challenge you AND myself to let this old belief go and try on a new one. Surrender to the ebb and flow of the unfolding of the day. Try on a relaxed and happy attitude and allow yourself to get done what you can and don’t stress about the rest. EnJoy each moment, whether you are checking off a duty or simply being with a family member or friend.

Today is going to happen whether we are pushing ourselves through it or surrendering in each and every moment. How do you know which you are doing? Easy. You either feel peaceful and relaxed or anxious and overwhelmed.

So take a deep breath and choose to surrender with me today. Let people around you know about the challenge you are taking on so that they can remind you if you get off track.

Let me know how it goes! Send me an email to ginger@spiritual-yogi.com or leave me a comment on my blog below.

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