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Post 16: The kleshas that can even trick a guru!

Post 16: The kleshas that can even trick a guru!

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If you are a fellow yoga teacher, the goal of teaching is to help ourselves and others to see through the ego so that we can experience that feeling of union.  The problem is, the ego can be very tricky. We can end up falling into one of its most gargantuan tricks ever, “spiritualizing” the ego. This falls under two kleshas, or afflictions of the mind, according to yoga. The klesha of attachment or attraction which is the deep desire to possibly be looked up to and another klesha called avoidance in which we want to avoid what is really going on with us.

This ego trick, or temptation, is so well-constructed, so manipulative and conniving, that the most spiritual and influential people fall into its trap.  If you are not a yoga teacher, don’t think you are off the hook!  Any one of us can end up “spiritualizing” the ego which can hinder our ability to awaken and enjoy life fully.

This “spiritualizing” of the ego hides beneath good intentions, but is the ego there all the same.  It makes us think we are better than others, more worthy than others, more knowledgable than others.  Ego can show up in the most holy of spiritual people.  No one is immune.  When we “spiritualize” the ego we can even come across as totally loving and spiritual but there is an ego heir about us that is easily picked up upon by others and, eventually, ourselves once we know what to look out for.

Spiritualizing the ego is difficult to track in our own selves because it is so difficult to admit to.  
Here are some signs to look out for:

  • hoping others will notice how “spiritual” you are
  • hoping others will notice how “nice” or “good” you are
  • hoping others will notice how “understanding” you are
  • getting angry or upset when you find out someone does not think you are a nice or understanding person
  • doing, saying, even dressing a certain way to come across a certain way to others

The bottom line is, you are trying to build a “spiritual” or “nice-guy” self-image and the truth is, any self-image is part and parcel of the ego.  Let go of who and what you are trying to be in this life.  Let go of what others think about you, and you will be letting go of the ego’s grip in your life.  Now you will be guided to “be” and “do” from your highest self, no ego involved!  And best of all, no more stress around whether other people like you or not or what they think about you in general.

When you know you are being guided by your highest self there is no reason to be worried about any ego thoughts that may come up.  As long as you are working from that intuitive higher self you are living in the best way possible for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you.

 If you find these thoughts cropping up, no sweat.  Just take a deep breath, smile and ask your higher self to release your ego’s need to be accepted.  And go on with your spiritual bad no-self!  If you find others spiritualizing the ego, let go of any judgment and simply notice how easily we all can be suckered in by the ego…more reason to help each other out rather than fault each other for it!

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Please share this with anyone who may be interested in CSN Retreat and these weekly blog posts.  Remember, ego wants us to separate and to keep others in the dark, but spirit wants us to unite and help others to shine their light right along with us.  See if you can let your ego guard down and share this with others!