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Post 20: Step 1 to Awakening

Post 20: Step 1 to Awakening

Close up of a single foot or footprint of a right foot set deeply into sand

The first step to awakening is simply understanding what it is that we are trying to awaken from and that is this ego thought system that we are immersed in.

This idea isn’t always easy to believe.  It’s like telling someone they have microscopic organisms all over their body.  It seems unbelievable at first, until you pull out the microscope and see them all moving around.

Remember, this thought system has been constructed over many years.  There are seemingly endless layers to it that need to be peeled back slowly for us to really begin to see what is happening with it more clearly.

The ego thought system is that voice in our heads: that voice that we are so familiar with chattering to us incessantly, that voice that feeds us an endless stream of to-dos, increasing stress and anxiety, that harsh, judgmental voice that is either building us up making us feel better than other people or tearing us down making us feel worthless and inadequate.

The ego thought system is all our thoughts, beliefs, and judgments which create a made-up mental construct that we begin believing is real.  We build a self-image as who we are in this lifetime which is based on our thoughts, beliefs, and judgments and is an integral part of this made-up mental construct.

Over time, we begin thinking that the voice in our heads is the real us.  We begin thinking the self-image that we have spent many years building on and perfecting is the real us.  And we are sadly mistaken.  This is simply part of the human experience, but a part that we CAN awaken from.  Our body will die one day and our self-image with it.  We must awaken out of the thought system which keeps us focused on identifying ourselves with the body and the self-image.  This will take us out of all kinds of fear, stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. that we experience because of this misidentification. We must remember our true nature as eternal spirit and do whatever we can to keep our focus on remembering this truest aspect of self. Every problem you have ever had or will ever have is resolved through awakening.

Welcome to step 1.

From here, you can choose to move through the rest of the steps to understand and experience awakening or you can choose to stay immersed in this ego thought system.  Realizing that you have a choice is a HUGE step in finding peace and joy in life. It takes away the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness because now at least you know that you are responsible for whether you live a life of misery or joy.

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