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Post 8: The new D.U.I. Are you driving under the influence of Ego?

Post 8: The new D.U.I. Are you driving under the influence of Ego?

Untitled-16Is your Ego at the wheel when you drive?

Do you notice yourself making crazy assumptions about people in other cars such as, “who does she think she is, that b****, cutting me off like that!”

And then find yourself driving like a crazy person trying to “get ‘em back” and show them who’s the boss on the road?

Why is it that when we realize someone behind us is in a huge rush, we suddenly have the intense desire to slow them down?

When our Ego is at the wheel, it can be quite humorous to listen to what is going on in our heads.

This is a great opportunity to begin understanding what the Ego is as a thought system and begin shifting into that Witness Consciousness state in which you simply observe yourself non-judgmentally as the “crazy” thoughts possibly lead to “crazy” actions.

See if you can stop yourself before you allow the thoughts to turn into actions. When you realize someone is in a rush, but suddenly you want to slow them down just to piss them off, (Anybody else want to admit to this?) see if you can’t let that desire go and give this person some space on the road.

It’s also a good time to really observe yourself wanting to judge others for allowing their Ego to take control. Take this opportunity to release the desire to judge others by the way they are driving, by the way their Ego is driving, and…
Choose Spirit Now!

Send them a silent intention for peace and love. Notice how stress-free your trip down Airport Boulevard now is in five o’clock traffic.