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Post 29: Keep your ego in check this holiday season!

Post 29: Keep your ego in check this holiday season!

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Start small. Start by not gossiping about someone. Start by not judging someone. Start by holding back those thoughts that may arise tearing another person apart in your head.

Commit to looking past the seemingly “bad” in another person to the radiant light within that person, and notice the difficulty in doing this as the ego wants to simply judge and blame and hate.

Give the gift of seeing someone in their truest nature as Spirit…give the gift of unconditional love, love with absolutely NO conditions. Challenge yourself to live as Jesus did, with an open, loving, forgiving heart for all. Wouldn’t that be what he would want for us?

Can you do it? Choose Spirit Now and challenge yourself this holiday season to give a gift to others truly worth giving.

Share this post and lets get everyone on board the CSN Holiday Challenge of keeping their ego in check!

Leave me a comment as to how YOU plan to take on this challenge!