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Post 18: Lets end the heart-wrenching soul searching once and for all!

Post 18: Lets end the heart-wrenching soul searching once and for all!

Little caucasian baby girl heart wrenching crying.

“Since I began practicing Yoga and studying the principles of A Course In Miracles and yogic philosophy, my life has changed completely.  Not from the outside looking in, but through the experience I have in my mind, the way I perceive life.  I can now see an awakening happening in my mind.  I always thought enlightenment was for spiritual gurus or cloistered nuns, but now I know that it is a possibility for all of us.  We are all spiritual beings and we are all capable of living awake in this lifetime.”  -Ginger Dunaway

My mission is to share beliefs and practices from Yoga and ACIM through CSN 8-week online retreat, 8-Weeks to Waking Up! which will help you to remember who and what you really are once again, ending the heart-wrenching soul searching once and for all so that you find yourself living a life awake in absolute spiritual fulfillment.

Are you ready to find yourself again?
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You can expect to:

  • Clarify beliefs that make common sense
  • Understand what the ego really is
  • Understand who and what you really are as eternal Spirit
  • Strengthen and build trust in your relationship with your higher self
  • Learn tools from Yoga and ACIM to awaken from this ego thought system
  • Become a truth holder for yourself and the world around you
  • Live in absolute spiritual fulfillment

Leave me a comment if you are ready to end your search and find what you have been truly searching for all along!

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