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Post 1: Kick those blues to the curb!

Post 1: Kick those blues to the curb!

Kick those blues, that dissatisfaction, and un-fulfillment to the curb!

8-Weeks to Waking Up! is an online spiritual retreat to help you build a solid habit of implementing spiritual principles and practices into your daily life.

This program is designed to help you lead a life of absolute Spiritual Fulfillment: be guided through life effortlessly; tap into unlimited creativity and connection; live in harmony with all of creation.

I’m Ginger Dunaway.

Since I began practicing Yoga and studying the principles of A Course In Miracles and Yogic Philosophy, my life has changed completely.  Not from the outside looking in, but through the experience I have in my mind, the way I perceive life.  I am by no means awakened but I can now see an awakening happening in my mind.

I always thought that was for spiritual gurus or cloistered nuns, but now I know that it is a possibility for all of us.   We are all spiritual beings and we are all capable of awakening in this lifetime and if anyone tells you any different, including yourself, it is the EGO trying to confine you to this life and this body that sadly ends in death and grief for loved ones and friends.


Would God really want this for us?

Absolutely not!

“Choose Spirit Now” is a program that teaches a different perspective of why we experience  dissatisfaction, un-fulfillment, and even pain and suffering in our lives and how a totally different experience of a life filled with deep peace, unconditional love, and abundant joy is literally a simple choice away.
Are you ready to take responsibility for the life you want to live?

Why wait any longer? Check out my online spiritual retreat, Choose Spirit Now here.

Choose Spirit Now!