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Post 31: Do not confuse Holy Spirit with elf on a shelf!

Post 31: Do not confuse Holy Spirit with elf on a shelf!

Jesus st sunset

Some people assume Holy Spirit is some ghost supernatural thing that may be watching our every move…does elf on a shelf come to mind for anybody?! (Love that little guy! Ours is named Elfy!)

But seriously, let’s get it straight.

Holy Spirit is another term for OUR higher self. Notice the same initials? Holy Spirit is an aspect of our collective Spirit that remembers this connection, this union, with each other and with God for us. It is not watching to see if we have been naughty or nice. It is ever present, guiding us to remember the truth that will set us free. Naughty or nice is of the ego. True perfection comes from Spirit, our truest nature as God created us. Holy Spirit simply remembers this for us in every moment, patiently calling us to pay attention and live from this remembrance of the only thing that truly matters.

How do we tune in to the call from Holy Spirit so that we can remember the most important thing we forgot in this human experience? Easy…practice yoga.

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