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Post 54: Use this Simple Exercise to Feel Your Connection With God

Post 54: Use this Simple Exercise to Feel Your Connection With God

A dear friend texted me the other day and asked how I felt connected with God and what i did to feel that connection. (Thanks friend! You know who you are!)

So here’s how I feel connected to God and what I do to feel the connection if I feel that I lost it. Note to self: we can never lose our connection to God. It’s impossible. However we can feel like we’ve lost it. And simply knowing and understanding those last 3 sentences can be life-changing.

Here goes:
Hands down, yoga. Yoga puts me in that serene place and that’s when I start noticing the synchronicities throughout my day. It’s those various things that show up in life that you know were meant for you to see. It’s not all the time, but when I feel I need to be reminded I ask for them. And plenty show up that make me smile to know God is listening and with us all the time because He/It is inside of us.

When we feel disconnected it’s because we’re not “seeing” correctly. Everything is being seen through the ego eyes. It’s ok to be here as long as you KNOW it is just the ego bearing down. It will pass as soon as the stress is passed or we shift ourselves into that more quiet, aware state in which we can “see” God all around and in. Sometimes it’s more vivid than others.

I’m not saying that will be the same for you, but people have been practicing various methods to get to that state to experience God more for at least thousands of years. The funny thing is, we really don’t have to do anything. Deep breath in, deep breath out and keep faith that He is there, has always been there, and will always be there. Life without faith is a very ego driven life and we can’t sustain it forever. That’s why people finally hit brick walls and crumble until they look at a deeper side of themselves.

Don’t overthink it either. You might notice God in your life a lot but just don’t realize that’s what it is. It’s simpler than we think.

Leave me a comment on how YOU connect with God below! Or send me an email to ginger@spiritual-yogi.com.

Take a moment now if you’d like to ask for synchronicities throughout today, meaningful coincidences, in which you know God is talking to you through. All you have to do is slow down enough to notice and not disregard them because they end up being so simple and obvious. 


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