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Post #101: Emotional First-Aid

Post #101: Emotional First-Aid

In my house-hold my 7 year old is yelling for us to get the first aid kit out almost every day. (She literally just asked where it was while we’re sitting here. lol)

Her latest was a toe that was stomped on at the daddy daughter dance by another 7-year old wearing heels (ouch!) and the toenail came off.

Everyday we’re getting the kit out and changing her bandaid. I think it makes her feel better just to see that giant red box come out on the table.

Would you feel better if you had an emotional first aid kit?

And if you did, what would you fill it with?

Here’s what I’d fill mine with.

1. Hug-buddy (a bandaid for your emotional wounds)

  • even if it’s yourself!
  • it’s so bad you just need to cover it for now and let the repercussions settle.

2. Emotional Release (a permission slip to take a break and cry)

  • The energy of that moment needs to be let go of.
  • Let it go through a good ole cry (unless you can’t until later)
  • Sometimes it takes several good cries to let it all go.
  • If an event still triggers anger, blame, resentment, sadness, etc then you haven’t fully let go of the emotional energy surrounding it. (That’s okay, just know that you need to let your ego settle and do what you can to help yourself let it all go instead of continue holding on to it.)

Hint: Once you have fully let go of an emotionally traumatic or dramatic event, then you should be able to talk about it or look at it within your own mind’s eye without going into any emotions about it.

How to facilitate emotional release:

  • Bring the event up within your own mind while breathing deep into your lower belly.
  • Let the emotions begin to rise.
  • Cry it out.
  • Poses such as spinal twists or heart openers with deep breaths into the lower belly will help for more potent emotional energy

3. Forgiveness (the emotional balm)

  • Win the battle over your own ego (it wants to hold onto blame, judgment, anger, etc.)
  • Understand the reward for offering true forgiveness (to others and yourself)

What’s the reward?

Miraculous Healing

  • drama: another person trying to make us feel separate and alone
  • We CHOOSE to see through their ego at play
  • This stops our reaction to it
  • Release our initial emotional energy (sad, mad, blame, anger)
  • Forgive wholeheartedly
  • Send love silently from your heart to theirs
  • Tears of joy
  • Experience the miracle:
    • Feel GOD within and without.
    • Feel GOOD. Feel CONNECTED. Feel WHOLE.

Here’s the kicker.

The worse the drama = more you’ll feel God when you choose to forgive.


Takes a pretty enlightened being to be able to do this.

How do we ever get here?

Spiritual Yogi membership.

Enough said.



JOURNALING EXERCISE: For this week’s journaling exercise: write down these 3 must-haves for your emotional first aid kit. And add any that make sense for you.

Remember, you are a force for good in the world. The more consistent you get with these practices the more your life will become guided, sacred, and filled with meaning. You cannot help but then extend deep peace, joy, and contentment to your loved ones, friends, and everyone you meet. The world could use more of this, so let’s get you in the best space to make it happen.

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