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Post 5: The ego drives you to compete for suckiness!

Post 5: The ego drives you to compete for suckiness!

When a friend calls you up and starts, “Listen to what happened to me today!”
Do you find yourself competing for suckiness?
“Well, you think that’s bad, listen to this!”

The Ego likes to manipulate us into thinking that we are all separate and unequal and therefore need to compete with each other…even if it’s to compete for whose life sucks the worst!

You hang up the phone wondering what in the world just happened.

“Why on Earth did I just throw myself under the bus for no apparent reason but to compete for suckiness?!”

“What was I thinking?!”  Guilt ensues.

Don’t fall into the Ego trap of berating yourself or your life to make your friend “feel” better, or to fulfill the Ego’s desire to win the “my life is crappier” Contest.

The next time a friend calls I challenge you to bite that tongue of yours and simply LISTEN.

Allow your friend to vent, and as you stay peaceful and supportive you are doing yourself a world of good by not shrinking yourself for them.
You are also giving yourself and your friend a gift by breaking the habit of competing for suckiness.

Remember, life doesn’t have to suck in order to have something worthwhile to talk about!

It always comes down to a choice: Choose Spirit Now!