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Post 34: Great ego expectations can lead to stagnation

Post 34: Great ego expectations can lead to stagnation

A speedometer with the words Exceed Expectations represents the surpassing of expectations of the people you deal with, whether they are customers, superiors or others who need things from you

The Bhagavad Gita says the following: “But even the most praiseworthy acts should be done with complete non attachment and with no concern for results”.

When we can let go of our ego expectations of what will come of our actions, 2 things happen:

1. We free ourselves up for actually following our intuition (drawn to do things by Spirit rather than driven to do things by the ego).

2. We let go of the ego emotions (fear and anxiety) which sometimes leads to no action at all (stagnation) or the subsequent ego emotions (disappointment, worry, and feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness) if things don’t go the way we “expected”.

This does not mean you cannot have goals, or even detailed steps to reach these goals. It means we experience peace and contentment no matter what may come of our actions and goals because we are content in the knowledge that we were undeniably guided to do them.

How do you go about letting go of your expectations, opening you up for inner guidance, peace and contentment?

Practice yoga and…

Choose Spirit Now!

CSN Homework for the week: Be aware of when you are harping on expectations (expectations of a project/action you are thinking about starting, a project/action you are working on, or a project/action you have already finished). Take a deep breath and relax your mind around those expectations. Feel a lightness and comfort come over you as you realize that there is absolutely no need to harp on these expectations and actually letting them go WILL open you up for EVEN MORE inner guidance as you rest in that peace and contentment. Pat yourself on the back for even being able to notice when the mind begins to harp on these expectations of yourself or others. This isn’t easy! Namaste.