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Know about me

Hi, I’m Ginger Dunaway. I want to help you find what you’ve truly been searching for all these years. Since my first bout of depression as a young kid, there was one constant that stayed with me throughout: that yearning for something more; happiness that lasts; fulfillment that lasts.

With Yoga and A Course In Miracles I have finally found it. The “Yoga Sutras” and A Course In Miracles both explain that the cause of all of our problems are due to the ego. Once we understand what the ego is and how it innervates our lives it is quite simple to prevent ourselves from being drawn into it and the subsequent roller coaster of emotions it can cause. It’s simple, but not always easy!

The most influential and seemingly spiritual people can fall into the trap of the ego, but if you really have a clear understanding of how the ego works, which Yoga and ACIM gives to us, then you will find yourself living a life full of lasting happiness and fulfillment. Whether you are a spiritual guru (again, no one is immune to the ego) or an everyday working man or woman, I have created Spiritual-Yogi as a means to help YOU notice the ego and prevent it from wreaking havoc in your life. This allows you to now tune into your higher self and find guidance to peace, meaning and fulfillment that is your inherent gift as a child of God.