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Spiritual Awakening

What is spiritual awakening and is it really for someone like me?

in tea chairFirst off, welcome to the site! In the simplest of terms spiritual awakening allows us to see the bigger picture in life so that we don’t get bogged down and overcome by stress. It allows us to enjoy life more fully.

It’s the difference in living life in black and white versus full HD technicolor! Spiritual awakening is not just for holy rollers and perfect people. It’s not just for people living in ashrams with endless time to meditate. It is for people with jobs, kids, and real-life stress.

Spiritual awakening is no longer just for the spiritual elite or the ones who have given up everything to live a life dedicated to this endeavor. It is for those of us who are still living “normal” lives but still want to sink in and ENJOY our jobs, our kids, our loved ones…while we are so fortunate to have this experience with one another. 

Once you better understand spiritual awakening you realize that it is the most important thing you can be doing for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. It’s what will remind you to smell the roses in each and every moment!

However, if you’re anything like me, life gets busy and stressful and the next thing you know you find yourself wondering how you got off track yet again.


Choose Spirit Now: your how-to tool for spiritual awakening! 

  • Start your week out right. Join my guest list and every Monday morning receive FREE tips and tools delivered straight to your inbox to keep you on your path, to keep you in your awakening. Sure life gets busy, but living awake keeps us enjoying every single moment of it!
  • Practice one of my many FREE guided meditations anytime to keep you in your peace, to keep you in your happy place.
  • Sign up for an online awakening workshop: Intro to Awakening or Relationships as the Key to Awakening…coming soon.
  • Ready to go even deeper? Enroll in my online spiritual retreat: 8-Weeks to Waking Up! held twice a year.

By joining my guest list you will receive one of the following tools on Monday mornings:

  • spiritual guidance, inspiration and tips for spiritual awakening through my blog posts.
  • guided meditation practices to help keep you in your peace or bring you back to peace anytime you find yourself back on that emotional roller coaster or a stress-induced frenzy.
  • podcasts highlighting ways the ego gets us off track and how to get back on.

You will also receive:

What does Yoga and A Course in Miracles have to do with it?

The one thing we are trying to wake up from (the ego) is the same thing that will convince us that there is nothing we need to wake up from. The ego is tricky like that with millions of temptations to get you and keep you off track. Choose Spirit Now is based on a blend of the ancient practice and teachings of yoga and the spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles, because they both hold the key to unlocking our mind from the ego so that we can live life fully out of the ego’s control. Both yoga and A course in Miracles are designed to help you undo the ego and experience more and more moments of awakening, even amidst your busy life. You don’t have to know a thing about yoga or the Course to delve into CSN, and probably won’t. The question is are you ready to begin the journey of a lifetime, learn what living awake is all about and love every moment of life because of it?

“I used to think enlightenment was for spiritual gurus or cloistered nuns. Now I know it is a possibility for all of us. We are all spiritual beings and we are all capable of living awake in this very lifetime.” – Yours Truly

What are you waiting for?

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