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Short & Sweet Yoga Practices

Arm & Shoulder Awareness

Low Back Release

Align for Lightness

Low Back Release 2

Vinyasa Flow Quick Cardio

Vinyasa Flow Essential Practice

Expansion in Triangle Pose

Expansion in Reverse Triangle

45-Minute Compact Vinyasa Flow Complete Practice

Building Back Knee & Core Strength

Start the New Year Right Seated Practice

Daily Practice for Hip & Low Back Health

Swimming in Triangle Pose

Re-Train Your Stress Response Warrior Practice

Sensing Energy Body through Simple Balance Pose

Breath-Work Practices

Modified Breath-Work & Core Cleanse Practice

Advanced Breath-Work & Core Cleanse Practice

Introduction to Dirgha & Ujjayi Breath-Work Practice

Dirgha & Ujjayi Breath-Work Practice

Get in the Flow Simple Breath-Work

Perspective on Yoga

Welcome Spiritual Yogi

Yoga is Movement Meditation

Yoga as an Alternative to "Exercise"

Intro to 8 Limb Path of Yoga

Cultivating Ahimsa (non-violence) Contemplative Practice

Cultivating Aparigraha (non-attachment) Contemplative Practice

Cultivating Santosha (contentment) Contemplative Practice

Self-Study Exercise: Distinguish the False Self