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What Makes this Program Different?

A Spiritual Retreat built into your daily life!

Choose Spirit Now!

  • An online Spiritual Immersion Program.
  • Understand ‘awakening’ through the Weekly Presentations and Journaling Exercises.
  • Experience ‘awakening’ through the Contemplative Practices.
  • Release obstacles to experiencing peace through ego release, self-image release, and guilt release exercises.
  • Release obstacles to experiencing peace through practicing radical forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others.
  • Strengthen trust in your intuition.
  • Based on Yogic Philosophy from the “Yoga Sutras”, Kripalu Yoga and principles from A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

Aha Moment!  Understanding the power in your intuition is what makes this Program different.

  • God gives us unlimited guidance to awakening in every moment through the Holy Spirit.
  • Holy Spirit is not some unreachable Christian ghost nobody understands.
  • Holy Spirit is your Higher Self!
  • Holy Spirit guides you through your intuition, your Inner Guidance.
  • Your intuition is God’s call leading you out of the negative Ego mindset…to live a life of absolute Spiritual fulfillment.
  • Follow your intuition, and you are following God’s call!