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8-Week Enlightenment Challenge


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Choose Spirit Now: 8-Module E-Course to Enlightenment


Take your self-exploration to another level with this 8-module e-course for body, mind and soul. CSN combines the philosophy and teachings of yoga with the spiritual teachings of A Course In Miracles to help you understand and experience enlightenment. Yoga and A Course In Miracles are two transformational teachings and practices. This course blends the two in such a way to help you live a life that feels fully guided, sacred and filled with meaning. Enjoy weekly presentations, journaling exercises, and tailored yoga and meditation practices to aid you in this life-changing journey.  Ready to have your mind blown wide open by these ancient teachings and practices which are just as relevant today for modern day problems?

This e-course follows my book and includes weekly journaling and yoga/meditation practices to complete this incredible journey to enlightenment.

8-Module E-Course Outline:

Each week includes Video Presentations – Journaling – Contemplative Practices.

  1. Week 1: We’ve forgotten who we really are.
  2. Week 2: The search for home.
  3. Week 3: The process of awakening.
  4. Week 4: Undoing the ego.
  5. Week 5: Shining light on the ego’s tricks.
  6. Week 6: Why we are not all awake – the ego’s biggest trick.
  7. Week 7: Relationships as the key to awakening.
  8. Week 8: Awakened at last: the way of the spiritual yogi

Is Choose Spirit Now for you?

Have you ever found yourself in complete overwhelm, needing a break from life but not exactly sure how to get it? Have you ever found yourself on your knees, sobbing, praying to God, begging for help, but not sure exactly why or what for?

We are all connected in ways that we cannot even imagine. But life gets busy. Dramas and traumas rock our worlds and make us feel separate and alone. Sacredness gets sucked out of the ordinary like a vacuum.

Here is a key that can change your life.

Our most challenging moments should be recognized as holy and sacred. For in these moments, our own soul-self is calling to us to make a change. It is giving us a chance to find our true self, and all of the meaning and fulfillment that goes along with that discovery.  Instead of embarking on a fruitless search that will only lead us back to our knees, we must learn to tune in to this truest self and trust in the guidance it has for us.

Yoga and A Course In Miracles are two transformational teachings that help us do exactly this. Using a clear, six step process, Choose Spirit Now combines the ancient practice and teachings of yoga with the spiritual teachings of A Course In Miracles to take us on the most fascinating exploration of self, leading us to find what we have truly been searching for all along.

If you are ready for a simple and honest glimpse into this phenomenal practice of yoga; if you have ever felt lost and are ready to be found: sign up now, seek no more, and discover the way of the spiritual yogi.

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